Proven Methods: The Curriculum of the Early Learning Centers of Broward

The right curriculum can have a real impact on the learning experience provided for preschool students. At the Early Learning Centers, our programs are based on the acclaimed Creative Curriculum system that incorporates imaginative play and enrichment activities to help children gain the social and motor skills needed in their later academic careers. Our experienced early childhood teaching staff members provide the guidance and nurture students need to succeed in the following areas:

  • Vocabulary development and language skillscurriculum
  • Socialization through dramatic role-play
  • Mathematical skills
  • Development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and physical fitness
  • Critical thinking and the ability to make appropriate choices
  • Scientific inquiry, especially as it relates to the natural world
  • Artistic and musical expression

At the Early Learning Centers, we focus on an individualized experience that allows each child to perform to their highest potential. This individualized curriculum provides a positive foundation for future educational achievement. Our curriculum incorporates VPK Education Standards to ensure that preschool students are ready for the transition to Elementary school and to help them develop the skills and habits needed for success in their academic pursuits.

Language Development

Developing a larger vocabulary and improving communications skills can help toddlers and preschoolers achieve a higher degree of success in the academic setting. At ELC Broward, we help our students by practicing language skills and providing them with enrichment opportunities that include story time, alphabet play and reading readiness exercises.

Active Play and Fine Motor Skills

By setting aside a significant portion of every day for physical activities and non-directed play, teachers at ELC Broward provide healthy outlets for energy and create a positive environment for developing gross and fine motor skills in a structured and safe setting.

Mathematics, Science and Critical Thinking

Preschool students at ELC participate in a number of important math activities that include identifying numbers by sight, counting, and simple addition and subtraction problems. Our teachers also provide enrichment exercises to help even the youngest children develop a love of nature and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Art, Music, and Drama

As part of the Early Learning Centers curriculum, we allow time for artistic expression to inspire our young students and enhance their creativity. We also engage in singing and other musical activities and incorporate drama and role-play to help children observe and model proper social skills.