The Early Learning Centers of Broward Deliver the Right Programs for Every Age

At the Early Learning Centers of Broward, we are committed to providing your child with the most beneficial preschool experience to create the right foundation for their future academic endeavors. We work with state and national agencies to develop age-appropriate programs designed specifically to boost creativity and instill a love of learning for the children in our care. The ELC approach to preschool education is based on the nationally acclaimed Creative Curriculum program and offers comprehensive support for teachers in communicating key concepts and ideas for younger children.

The Right Approach for Every Age

At Early Learning Centers, we offer programs designed to suit the needs of children from birth to 12 years of age. Reading readiness, counting and other basic skills are key elements of the ELC Broward Childcare program and provide a natural transition from the Early Childhood Education setting to the greater demands of the Elementary school environment.

Each of our programs has been carefully designed to suit the needs of the children we serve. By entrusting your children to the care of the ELC teaching team, you can be sure that your children receive the most appropriate educational opportunities and the right level of supervision at every age.

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