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22 Sep

6 Fun, Preschool Math Activities

 Fun, Preschool Math Activities Math doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it can actually be fun, and these six activities can help you introduce your child to many different concepts including counting, sorting, patterns, and geometric shapes. Ready to get started? Enlist the help of food, stuffed animals, socks, and more. 1. Count with […]


25 Jul

3 Things to Prepare for When Transitioning to the Toddler Classroom

Adapted from The Family Room So, the day arrived when our son was finally ready to transition to the toddler classroom from his infant classroom. At first, this was exciting news, as it was a big step for him developmentally. The teachers in his classroom carefully helped us plan the move, taking into consideration his physical development and what […]


24 Jun

Teaching Children Water Safety

Teaching children water safety is a key part of reducing child drownings. In Florida, drownings are one of the leading causes of child deaths.   The following information is important to teach to children and reiterated through the water safety program:   Never go near the water without an adult. While swimming can be fun, it’s […]


30 May

6 Science Podcasts for Kids

Adapted from Bright Horizons “Why is the sky blue?” “What is that plant called?” “How can birds fly?” “How hot is the sun?” Sound familiar? You probably have a curious child on your hands…and you might be flooded with more science-y questions than you can answer. Let podcasts for kids help! Whether you and your child have […]


10 May

Understanding Preschool Friendships: 6 Things to Know

Adapted from Bright Horizons Family Room Last weekend at my daughter’s soccer game, my almost 4-year-old son sat huddled with a friend under a shared blanket and played trucks together. Minutes later the boys were running around an abandoned baseball field playing pretend baseball. In a blink of an eye, they lost all interest in […]

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